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Although my early roots were in landscape photography, taking photos of subjects that talk back has always captivated me. The complexity of shooting another human form challenges me more than shooting an inanimate object. The subject thinks, has feelings, fears, talents, beauty, personality, and an infinite number of characteristics that must be optimally integrated into a thought-provoking composition.

Perhaps it was my destiny, but around 2010, a professional ballet dancer contacted me with impressive credentials ranging from the American Ballet Theater to several European companies. She had seen some of my fine art images online and was heading to San Francisco for a modeling assignment, and asked if I would mind spending a half day shooting dance images with her. She told me that the images we created were the finest photos that any professional photographer had ever taken of her.  I was immediately captivated by dance and the deep respect I have for the dedication and focus of those who reach the top tiers of their profession.

I am driven to capture the beautiful lines AND emotion of the dancer in a manner that is distinctive from the plethora of non-distinctive studio dance shots – within a setting that stands on its own artistically and serves to complement the dancer.   In other words, I strive to blend fine art and dance photography to create images that are thought-provoking and unique.


Dancers in the Window
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Dancers in San Francisco
Fine Art
Headshots & Portraits

Photographic Services and Fine Art Prints

Portraits and Headshots

Whether the photo is for business; promoting your dance, acting or modeling career; or simply a portrait for posterity; you’ll enjoy the experience of creating distinctive, high quality images that will exceed your expectations.

Dance Photography

For those seeking to promote their career and create differentiation for themselves among a sea of talented dancers, an investment in artistic and distinctive photographs of your beautiful talents can yield high returns.

Fine Art Prints for Sale

Limited edition fine art and dance photography prints are available on various mediums, including traditional mounting, acrylic mounts, metal prints, and canvas.

Filtered Ethereal Pixels

Dance Photography on the Fly

I confess to normally being highly organized and desirous of planning all of the significant details of a dance photography shoot in advance -- dancer, concepts to shoot, wardrobe, locations, equipment and lighting required, etc.  I like to understand the dancer's...

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My Beginnings in Dance Photography

After literally growing up with a camera in my hands shooting landscapes, I quickly realized that my passion for photography was heightened by the interaction with my subjects, and those that could talk back to me took precedent over those who couldn’t.  This led to...

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Dance Photography on the Dunes

One of my early experiences shooting dancers was on the great dunes of the rugged northern California coast, far north of my San Francisco dance photographer domain on the streets of my favorite city in the world.  It was familiar, yet concurrently somewhat new...

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