Photography Rates

If I could sustain myself and constantly renew my investments in professional photographic equipment with a currency based upon the amount of passion I have for photography, we wouldn’t need this section. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found a photographic supplier who will conduct business on that basis, but I’ll keep looking. In the interim…

Portraits and Headshots

Aside from having lots of fun, your shoot will include a minimum of 500 digital images that we’ll shoot at several locations, based upon the look that you are seeking. We’ll have a pre-shoot call to discuss your objectives, to make sure that we both are closely aligned regarding the objectives for your shoot. The best images of you will be achieved by having a professional makeup artist attend to your needs prior to the shoot. If you have someone who you trust, feel free to use them. If you’d like me to arrange a superb makeup artist to attend to you throughout our shoot, plan on an additional $250 fee paid directly to the stylist.

You will have access to your images within 2-3 weeks following the shoot. I will curate the shoot and distill your images down to the best 300-400 images. They will get posted online for your review, and you’ll also have the ability to order prints as you review them. If you’d like to download a set of all of the images in high res jpeg files, I can provide that for an additional $50. Plan on the shoot taking about 3 hours.

Headshots/Portraits Package: $750

Let’s Dance

My goal is always simple for these shoots… for you to have a great time and to end up with the best photos that you’ve ever had of yourself. This shoot will be a blend of the headshot shoot and one intended to display your dance talents in an artistic manner that will differentiate you from the sea of studio and performance photos that are frequently used to promote dancers. We might take to the streets and use the stunning architecture of the city as a backdrop, or perhaps a park. Maybe we’ll find a special area that allows you to display your unique dance talents in a way that will set you apart from others. We’ll discuss your strengths and design the shoot to highlight them. Plan on the shoot taking 4-5 hours. The makeup fee is $250 paid directly to the stylist.

Dance Package: $950

Variations on a Theme

I am available for customized shoots that meet your specific needs, including group shoots that involve multiple dancers, cast members, or just regular humans like me. Just reach out to be via email or my contact form, and we’ll figure out the ideal pricing and package just for you.


I have a soft spot in my heart for student dancers, models and actors at the beginning of their careers. If you have a specific budget in mind, I’ll do my best to work with you within those confines. Let’s talk.

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